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Okkamov the logic was of great importance for the subsequent development of naturalistic elements in nature philosophy at Buridan and in Oxford that, eventually, influenced and the theory of a scientific method at F. Bacon, not to mention that its some aspects are actual and today.

In the doctrine about infinity Okkam adhered only to concept of infinity potential. The modern example for infinity in Okkam's sense – a natural number sequence which has no end, but is the beginning – zero. Okkam's idea about potential infinity of the Universe was restored in the XVII century.

Suppozitsy Okkam applies the theory to treatment of a fundamental gnoseological problem of criterion of true knowledge. Before discussion of a problem of truth Okkam speaks about acceptance. Okkam allocates four steps of acceptance. The first is an acceptance owing to a worship for authority, further acceptance owing to a uverovaniye in something, then under the influence of the act of a voleniye owing to experience and, at last, owing to evidence or the proof. Obvious is from what in itself the impossible does not follow.

Okkam adhered to nominal views for which only single things are real, and the knowledge begins with experience. Justification of knowledge at realists did not suit it because they allowed such abstract essence which, at least, needed an explanation.

When we speak about a thing, we speak about it by means of offers and terms. Therefore direct object of any science not a subject as that, and idea of it. In real science of the offer and terms designate and supponirut things.