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where we are now: managers have to discuss strong and weaknesses of the organization in its main areas (finance, marketing, the personnel) really to define that the organization can achieve;

Thus, tourism can be defined as set of the phenomena and relationship arising at interaction of tourists, suppliers, local authorities and local population in the course of tourist activity.

The organizations providing to tourists goods and services. These are businessmen who see opportunity to get profit by means of granting goods and services taking into account demand in the tourist market in tourism.

The economy of tourist firm is a set of factors of production, funds of the address and intangible assets, income (profit) gained as a result of realization of a tourist product and rendering various other services (the performed works).

Stage of removal of a product on the market. On this phase of life cycle costs of demand stimulation (advertizing of new goods and service) are required. This stage is characterized by high costs, slow growth of sales volumes and carrying out the advertizing companies for stimulation of initial demand. In this period of life cycle of a tourist's product there is a big percent of failures, and in connection with big expenses on removal of goods or service for the market of profits at this stage still is not present.

Decay. Many tourist's products remain at a saturation stage within several years. But many of them become outdated over time and new products for replacement of the old are brought to the market. Demand for a product is reduced by decline stages, costs for advertizing decrease. In process of decline in demand and profit from the market the firms which are not maintaining the competition leave.

STRATEGIC PLANNING represents a set of the actions and decisions undertaken by the management which conduct to development of the specific strategy intended to help the organization to achieve the objects.

It is necessary to provide to tourists of high-quality tourist services, and also further development of the tourist industry. For this reason, in tourism priority is a search of more effective use of rather limited resources, as is one of problems of economic science.

Tourism – temporary movement of people from a place of the continuous accommodation at other country or district within the country in free time for receiving pleasure and rest, improving, guest, informative or in the professional and business purposes, but without occupation by the paid activity in the visited place.

Host. The local population perceiving tourism first of all as a factor of employment of the population. For this group the result of interaction with tourists, including foreign is important.

As in tourism also consumer goods (, and services are made (placement, it is possible to draw a conclusion that tourism is an interindustry complex of social infrastructure which has production and non-productive functions and represents the tourist industry. The economic process proceeding in branch of tourism is the production serving process.

Round represents a complex of various services (placement, food, transport services, household, tourist, excursion. ), united on the basis of a main goal of travel and submitted on a certain route within a certain term.