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Technical revolutions lead to easing of limitation of physical capacities. As often people, to whose hands they get, do not differ in purity of intentions, and results happen corresponding. Positive results of technical revolution and its negative sides are undoubted.

From everything is higher told clearly that the scientific and technological revolution whatever effective it was, gives only base for development of the person, and here is how he uses this base to predict difficult or even it is almost impossible though below we will try to solve how for mankind to turn back some consequences of a scientific and technological revolution.

Therefore the one who possesses higher I.Q., will be able to use fully achievements of a scientific and technological revolution that will lead at least to increase in a material gap and more accurate differentiation of the social status.

All of them are closely interconnected with each other one, as a rule, are consequences of others, but also cause the following. Object of any revolution whether it be scientific, technical or social is the person and it is a criterion of result of any revolution.

The area of arms is only first signs, shortly the artificial intelligence will force out people from many areas of vigorous activity, and the person still will have only creative tasks. Whether but many are capable to solve them?

One more of negative factors of this process, is prevalence of methods of the analysis (as more easily giving in to formalization) over synthesis of scientific decisions, and as a result loss of scientific intuition of the person.

any even the most perfect system cannot be completely closed, always there are external influences, and these external influences, modernization, programming, reorganization will be carried out by people;

The scientific and technological revolution demands generally people with a mathematical and engineering warehouse of thinking therefore at some point this type of thinking can seem to time more important though actually, it only simply more suitable for this concrete situation.

Many hopes in the solution of the global problems facing mankind such as, ecology, lack of long-term power raw stocks, overpopulation and hunger and a survival of Homo Sapience, as species are laid on a scientific and technological revolution.

Emergence of crisis situations in development of the previous system of production, as a result of situation when possibilities of the existing technology were settled was characteristic of scientific and technical revolutions. Modern development, despite progress of microelectronics, computer facilities, in means of communication, in new materials, etc. testifies to the beginning of crisis of new technology of the XX century.

Stratification on a property sign, existed from the origin of a civilization when people began to possess a private property therefore it is habitual. The scientific and technological revolution will only strengthen it for the account, that all have different starting opportunities, and result of a scientific and technological revolution we will be multiplication of seed capital. Therefore the income of less wealthy population will increase in absolute figures, and in relative, in comparison with more provided, will become less.

The technology will provide the person to all necessary, but together with these and will deprive of him incentive to development, achievements new and will make it helpless before unexpected incidents. Here perhaps some protective mechanisms:

One of consequences of a scientific and technological revolution will be the homeostasis planetary, and after and the space scale when neither the earthquake, nor flashes on the sun are not able to do harm to all mankind in general and to a separate individual in particular.

However, since the period preceding neolytic revolution, the mankind repeatedly came up against situations when development came to a standstill. But always in the revolutionary way there was a new knowledge, new understanding changing technologies and by that the development continuity was provided.