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Associations - the form of business activity based on association (share, share) property of different owners. As a rule associations represent closed joint stock companies, i.e. the companies where change of owners of shares happens only with the consent of most of their participants. Associations include rather small number of the members who are personally taking part in their work. Associations act in various forms.

Human life who decides to begin own business, is full of hopes, disappointments, concerns and persistent work. Thus the probability to fail is very great - there will be no demand, too strong will be a competition or simply it will not be possible to get necessary financial support.

Business (business activity) was always one of the most important subjects of economic science as the businessman is the main character of a market economy.

From the previous heads we remember that business (business activity) is defined as the initiative independent activity of citizens and their associations directed on receiving profit. That it is carried out at own risk and under property responsibility of the businessman belongs to distinctive features of business activity.

The first. The businessman (the citizen or the organization) is the person possessing own isolated property. However, it not only has to have some property, but - and this main thing - it has to enclose it in business, adjust a turn of property and thus so that it gave profit.