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In the rivers and other reservoirs there is a natural process of self-cleaning of water. However it proceeds slowly. While industrial household dumpings were small, the rivers coped with them. In our industrial century in connection with sharp increase in waste reservoirs do not cope with so considerable pollution any more. There was a need to neutralize, clear sewage and to utilize them.

Environmental problem - one of the most important problems of mankind. Depends on the solution of this problem buduy all planet. And already now people have to understand and take it active part in fight for a preservation of peace.

Data of these researches fairly prove that silver-black foxes fully conform to requirements imposed to modern furs. Therefore it is necessary to cultivate the developed type of silver-black foxes and whenever possible to improve practice of the contents and to increase a young growth exit to a female.

As showed measurements, at foxes sapphire down hair have the greatest length (42,00,3, and at brown kolikott – the smallest (34,71, As for ostevy hair, they are longer at foxes blue (68,80,6, and the shortest at brown (62,50, the Directing hair at all animals of new color breeds are shorter (73,6-77, than at silver-black (79,30, Transitional hair the longest at foxes sapphire (56,00,5, and the shortest at foxes blue (44,80, Down and transitional hair at foxes silver-black (19,60,6 and 44,11,2 surpass in thickness sapphire (15,81,03 and 37,51,5 and brown (15,81,02 and 29,61,1, and pearls (17,50,01 and 40,80,9 and blue (17,51,13 and 36,71,5 are intermediate. The Ostevy and directing hair the thinnest at blue (56,31,43 and 77,91,7 and a brown kolikott (51,71,78 and 75,42, Thus, at foxes down and the transitional hair is much shorter, and ostevy the hair longer and is thinner, than at other types. Therefore, has rather not balanced svisly indumentum and positive impact on elimination of this shortcoming can have crossing with silver-black foxes with the balanced korotkovolosy omission.

the blue - 4500  135, brown – 4200  144, pearls – 4125  124, sapphire – 4125  124, silver-black – 5000  14 On density of hair Tserevitinov B. F. carries foxes to group srednegustovolosy (from 6 to 12 thousand hairs on 1 cm. According to Perekatova A., Shmidt E., etc.

The main part of kozhevy fabric is presented dermy. Its greatest thickness at pearl foxes (127,1mkm) and a blue kolikott (125,6 microns), and the smallest at silver-black (118,1 microns). Derma sapphire (121,62 microns) and a brown kolikott (123,13 microns) is intermediate.