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Adhering to the principle of peaceful existence of the states with various social order, the socialist countries sought to develop tourist communications with all states, however the priority from the very beginning belonged to their mutual exchange.

The countries of Europe and North America last decade of an eyelid remained leaders both on reception of foreign tourists, and in the direction of the citizens abroad. Growth of urban population as industrialization is among the main prerequisites of increase in trips in the world is of great importance for development of tourism.

Tourism gained development around the world, however in different regions its growth was unequal. So, if the increase in volumes of the international exchange in Europe, Africa and Latin America, including Caribbean countries, was at the level of the average world indicators, in the countries of the Middle East it exceeded them more than by 3 times, in the countries of the Southern Asia – more than by 5 times.

Development of tourism between the socialist countries provides fuller satisfaction of needs of the population for rest, spiritual and cultural enrichment, promotes broader communication of fraternal peoples, confidence-building, mutual understanding and respect, so necessary in fight for peace on Earth.

Vatican is filled with treasures of world value. For example, original Apollon Belvedersqui costs in the open air in an internal court yard. It is noticed that any woman photographed against a standard of man's beauty in a picture turns out much more young and more beautifully, than without Apollon.

Sustained economic growth of all countries, steady increase of welfare and increase in free time of the population, strengthening of material resources of tourism allowed many countries to expand significantly geography, to increase the volume of a tourist exchange and to make a constructive contribution to development of the international tourism.

As trade developed, and new ports were under construction, ancient cared of creation of convenient rooms for overseas guests – merchants, pilgrims and simply inquisitive travelers – tourists more and more.

As it can surprisingly seem, but it was much easier for Greeks to travel to the far-away overseas countries, than on the native land. On the Greek lands there were no good roads, even country roads on which could pass vehicles freely. At the same time already at Homer paved roads are mentioned, in excavation in the territory of ancient Troy and in Knossos of a Cretan-Mycenaean era confirm that was not poetic fiction of the blind singer.

Here it should be noted group of demographic factors, where, first of all, to belong growth of the population of the planet. Therefore also world tourist potential increases, to tourism show interest new human resources.

Italy is located in the south of Europe, at coast of the warm Mediterranean Sea, on the Apenninsky peninsula. Almost all territory of the country is occupied by mountains. In the north ridges of the Italian Alps rise, but in the south even there is no cold weather in the winter.